Welcome to Elkoy

Welcome to the Elkoy's Donation Store!

Here you can purchase a variety of digital content, including but not
limited to server ranks, money and claim blocks. Simply click on the tab
you wish to be taken to and then proceed to checkout by adding any item
you want to your cart.

One Hundred Percent of the servers donations will be put into making
Elkoy a more enjoyable/fun place for everyone, and we sincerely thank
you for being kind enough to purchase an item. If you're ever concerned
about what your donation goes towards, ask us! We're willing to tell you
what your generous donation is helping us achieve.

Notes to parents:

understand that the idea that your child wants to buy something on the
internet a bit worrying so we will quickly explain it to you.
child is playing on an online world, with many other players, each
player starts with a default rank, which comes with many features
already, but not all of them, when purchasing a package to our server we
reward your child with a higher rank or other features, depending on
the package. This includes more features than the default rank or
enables them to be able to get extra things within the network, therefore making the game experience more enjoyable. 

Important Note

1. Elkoy has a strict no refund policy, once something is purchased by a
user this is final and there will be no refunds, exchanges or trades
for absolutely any reason.

2. In order to receive the item you purchase on our server, Elkoy,
please enter the Minecraft username you use to play on our server.

3. Elkoy strongly recommends you read our TOS before purchasing any
items, to avoid any conflicts/problems after with your transaction. If
you have a question or concern on the TOS feel free to contact us via
discord. We are not liable for any incidents in which you do not follow
this recommendation.

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